About us

Your house is not only a reflection of your persona but also defines your aesthetics.
Decentwoodfinishing is experts in giving your humble abode the feel it needs. By redefining the decoration, be it your house or workspace or any other room, your immediate space takes a life of its own, showcasing your finer taste in furniture and also becoming everlasting heirlooms for generations to come.

Our core specialty lies in contemporary and conventional forms of furniture and wood finishing, the likes of which include polishing, touch-ups, gilding, color matching as well as restoration of antiques.

Our years of expertise and artistry when applied to your much-loved house or workplace; by recreating its feel, will give it a unique identity that stands on its own.
We understood woodwork like no other in the industry, with proper maintenance and
knowhow; we recreate spaces and timeless pieces that are an object of beauty in themselves and stand the test of time.

We are experts in giving your space a premium look and feel. Whereas the choice of paint is based on bondability, compatibility and preexisting finish, the best of options are laid front and center during the consultation period. Our extensive color schemes and color ranges will make your house stand out among millions of many.

The Luxury of Options

Decent Wood Finishing gives you complete independence over the style aesthetics and design options to choose from. In addition to this, we efficiently mitigate costs and have a proven track record of completing a scheduled project on time.

Delivering the Finest Quality

Decent Wood Finishing has years of experience, therefore, it is well-versed in modern equipment and uses the finest of materials, which is why we confidently stand behind our craftsmanship and finishing.

Our quality control seamlessly minimizes the burgeoning costs and delivers a quality finish that speaks for itself.