epoxy flooring

Make use of the latest and the most versatile polymer to have been manufactured to make your residential and commercial buildings safer and to look better.

The new coating

With the increase in the awareness amongst the general population about the side effects of carrying out business and expanding living amenities, there is no practice that escapes the scrutiny of a well-aware denizen of the earth.

As a home owner or a business man, you need to make responsible choices that are in complete harmony with your surroundings, the health of the people you employee and make the better world for our future generations. The most important and preliminary change would be to opt for epoxy flooring material.

What is epoxy floor paint?

Epoxy material is basically a polymer that is the result of mixing and cross-linking epoxy resin with its hardener. Varying proportions of the two starting materials are utilized to attain different grades of the product depending on the characteristics that need to be achieved.

The benefits of choosing epoxy material

  • Unparalleled resistance to corrosives

Whether it is an industrial plant or a residential setup, the cleaning of floors involves the role of certain agents that are acidic or alkaline in nature. When you coat your normal concrete floors with epoxy floor paint, you essentially make the floor resistant to the harms caused by these chemicals, increasing its longevity. Besides, this considerably decreases the toxins that might be produced during floor use or following a splash of potent corrosives, making the site healthy and safe for the employees and/or the residents.

  • It is relatively eco-friendly

Karachi epoxy flooring material helps limit the pollutants that are injected in the environment by decreasing the demand of floor replacement that needs to be undertaken. The resin is obtained from natural sources and is manufactured with lesser environmental emissions. It is considered a safer alternative to the traditional PVC.

  • Enhanced appeal

Epoxy flooring designs are very captivating and can help mask the stains or cracks in the original surface with a glazed layer of attractive patterns, adding an aesthetic touch to your insipid floor.

  • Ease and affordability

The glossy surface finish leads to lesser efforts are required to maintain sparkling epoxy flooring for homes Karachi and offices. Simple mopping and wiping are enough. It also results in lesser money being spent per annum for cleaning services and floor replacements.

Furthermore, it is very light on the pocket and can be easily afforded by people from all walks of life.

Make a change that is lucrative for your own well-being as well as of that of the environment by choosing epoxy flooring material.