residential wood Polish

Get your wood looking as good as new in no time with Decent Wood Finishing.

 For years, Decent Wood Finishing has been operating in the industry, providing polishing services, from floors, doors and furniture to windows, wall and kitchen polishing. It has evolved to become a one window solution.

Floor Polish

We are thoroughly experienced in polishing wooden floors. A wooden floor is an ideal yet beautiful choice, especially in rooms with high traffic areas; the likes of which includes entryways, kitchen and hallways. Over the course of time, these floors pile up grime, dirt and routine smudges. Our superior wood finishing gives your floor a new shine, restoring it to its former glory. You have the luxury of selecting a color that best suits your desired look and feel. From a rustic look to a premium feel, we have a range of flooring options to choose from.

Door Polish

The wood polishing experts of Decent Wood Finishing will professionally polish your doors, keeping in mind the matching color of the wall. Be it the decorative wooden doors, carved wooden doors, decorative brass doors, conventional carved doors or designer wooden doors, our finishing gives your doors a shine that truly stands apart. 

Furniture Polish

One of the first objects of attention, when people enter your house, is your furniture, irrespective of it being your humble abode or business premises. Well-maintained furniture adds glamour to your immediate space, giving it a shiny touch and vibrancy that impresses the occupants and leaves the visitors awestruck. As is the case, your expensive furniture cannot be replaced repeatedly for a great many reasons. Thus, it is more feasible and viable to polish the existing furniture, renewing its shine, cutting costs and keeping your space presentable in tandem.

 Decent Wood Finishing is one of the most versatile wood finishing service providers in the market. Without damaging the form of furniture, we bring longevity and a premium shine to your furniture that speaks for itself. Our competitive pricing and methods keep our valued customers coming back.

Window Polish

While keeping track of all your personal and professional responsibilities, window maintenance may not often be the most pressing on the to-do list. More to the point, maintaining windows’ polish is just as imperative as the remainder of the immediate space you occupy. Maintaining them in due time saves you from expanding costs, lengthens their lifespan and beautifies your surroundings.

 We leverage our years of industry experience, knowledge and understanding of the ideal results to the benefit of our existing and new clients. Adhering to the industry’s established guidelines, we provide results that are in customer’s best interests. Our services are broadly valued by our diverse clientele.

 Decent Wood Finishing service is available for hire all around the year. For best results, we advise our new and existing clients to initiate window polishing during summers.

Wall Polish

Be that as it may, every space has its own feel. Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom or the living room, the wall polish ultimately defines your taste and interior aesthetics. Apart from that, wall finishes can also define the functionality of a space. We are proud to possess a vast range of wood finishes that suits commercial entities and residential spaces. From conventional wood polishing to advanced wood polishing, we can cater to your needs, assuring convenience at the ready.

We bring you a world of premium class wood finishing that truly stands on its own. Our wide range of wall finishing options enables you to select a color and texture that not only defines you but also accentuates the beauty of your living space in its entirety. As an added bonus, it gives your walls a fresh look, renewing them again in the long run.

Kitchen Polish

Decent Wood Finishing, we enjoy our work while ensuring that our valued customers are fully satisfied with our results. Our superior finishing speaks for itself, which is why we boast a broad range of commercial and non-commercial clients.

We can give you a kitchen a complete makeover. Using modern and conventional finishing techniques, your kitchen space can be as good as new, in turn saving you burgeoning renovation costs and precious time.

Our wide array of kitchen finishes can completely transform your kitchen, giving it a fresh look and premium vibe.